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ADDRESS: Via Cappeletta, Pagnano-23807 Merate (LC) Italy


TELEPHONE: +39 039 9908121

EMAIL: ica@icamerate.com

VAT number 00207570136


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Production and sale of gummed paper for packaging and industrial use

I.C.A. Industria Carte Adesive manufactures and sells high quality products

The gummed paper is a product which is used in different areas: for packaging, wood and food industry. Manufacturing and sale of customised orders distinguish ICA from others, specialising in the production of special gummed papers tapes.


Especially useful for the packaging, in order to ensure the integrity of the transported goods, this is the ideal material to seal the boxes and cartons effectively, without the risk of holes or accidental opening. The gummed paper is produced in its plant situated in Merate, Lecco, but it is also widely used in other areas. The company produces different types of standard and customised products on order basis, such as:


·         Reinforced gummed paper

·         for the wood industry

·         for glass mosaic

·         for sealing meats and plastic bags

·         for packaging


In addition to these accomplishments, I.C.A. is known in the market for

other productions (like special, silicon or heat-sealing) and for the quality and the

professionalism required in any context to achieve the full satisfaction of every customer.


Perfect gummed paper for packaging and protection against all types of dust

Perfect adherence to packaging, ease of recycling, excellent protection against dust: these are just some of the main characteristics of gummed paper produced by I.C.A. At the company, each customer can buy the best suited moistening device available in the manual, semi-automatic or automatic versions, suitable for rolls of different widths.


To contact the ICA project staff in order to express your needs or request a quote, simply fill out this form, or call at the phone number 039 9908121 on Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 12:00 and from 14:00 to 16:00.


If you wish to receive more information, just contact us
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