Production of silicon paper for the food industry and for insulation materials

Lots of industrial applications of the quality products produced by I.C.A. Industria Carte Adesive

Production of silicon paper

The company, I.C.A. Industria Carte Adesive is able to meet all customer needs, thanks to its versatile production of special paper and its high quality standards. Within its extensive catalogue of products, silicon paper, which is widely used in many industries is of particular relevance.

The company, based in Merate, in Lecco province, is a reliable partner for all those organisations which use silicon paper on one or both sides in their productive activities. The main products provided by I.C.A. include:

  • silicon paper for the food industry
  • for sanitary napkins, bandages and medical products
  • for self-adhesive labels and envelopes
  • for bituminous products
  • for thermo-acoustic insulation
  • for fabrics and synthetic leathers

In addition to these products, I.C.A. also manufactures high quality heat sealing paper, gummed paper and paper rolls, so as to
meet the needs of a growing number of customers and possible uses of its

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Papers customised with logos and designs

All the silicon coated papers produced by the company based in Lecco ensure the highest quality standards and can be customised with text, logos and designs, depending on the specific industrial and commercial requirements. This is because of offering an absolutely complete and effective service to every client, expressing complete satisfaction and appreciation for the job carried out, I.C.A. has come a long way since 1949.

For more information on the production of specia land silicon papers, do not hesitate to contact the company at the phone number 039 9908121 or you can also fill out the form given in this section. You will get clear and precise answers to every request in the shortest time possible.

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Merate (lc) , 23807 Italia
039 9908121
039 599255
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