Production and sale of heat sealing paper with resin

I.C.A. can create perfect solutions for strap bands and for the entire textile sector

heat sealing paper roll

The heat sealing paper are thermal products coated with resin and sealed with the instantaneous heat. This kind of product is used for the production of bands (notepads, chequebooks, etc.) and also in the textile industry (for balls, textile samples, etc.). and for sealing the cartons.

I.C.A. Industria Carte Adesive is located in Merate, Lecco, and has been involved in the production of special paper for the industry for decades and it can boast of being the leader in the production of heat sealing paper, offering advice and high-quality services to all its customers. The products of the company thus include:

  • heat sealing paper for strapping
  • heat sealing paper for sealing boxes that is smooth as well as embossed, of various weights, white or coloured.

All these products must be of the highest quality keeping in mind their dedicated uses and with I.C.A. every manufacturer will be able to appreciate strength and consistency of the items offered.

Quality work to meet any industrial or commercial requirements

I.C.A. Industria Carte Adesive provides high quality products, able to meet any industrial or commercial requirements. With the use of the latest machinery and technical personnel with knowledge of the latest printing techniques, the company ensures an efficient and timely supply of heat sealing paper, completely corresponding to customer expectations.

The staff of the company is always available for the production of customised heat sealing paper in every detail. For more information, a quote or advice you can contact the company on telephone number 039 9908121 or fill out the form in this section.

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